September 6, 2013

Products We Love: Ouidad Color Sense Collection

After years and years of having my hair highlighted, I decided to try something new.  My natural hair color is a darker brown, so I thought the Ombre' look would be a great way to darken my hair up while still keeping some blonde.  One of my biggest concerns is prolonging the life of the dark hair color.  Often times we get our hair colored and a few weeks later the nice color we started with has faded to something totally different.  My other concern was that the blonde portion tends to look more dried out and frizzy.

I am happy to share Ouidad hair care products with you!  Ouidad has an excellent hair care system that helps to preserve your hair color, allowing your color to last longer before fading.  Now, I am sure your thinking the same thing I thought, isn't Ouidad for curly hair? Let me tell you, my hair is as straight as it gets and this line works amazing!  Of course, Ouidad will still work wonders on curly hair.

Here are before and after pictures (sorry about the lighting). You can see a difference just from using the products one time.  The Color Sense Collection removes product build up that can leave your hair looking dull and lackluster, brightens, and smoothes.  The frizziness on the ends look much smoother and softer, blending together much more naturally than they had in the Before picture.

To properly use these products, allow the conditioner to set for about 3 minutes before rinsing.  Once a week, follow up with the Shine Boosting Color Extender.  Allow the Extender to set for about 10 minutes before rinsing, then style as usual.

Color Preserving Shampoo
  • Key Benefits
      • Gently removes mineral deposits and product buildup that can strip color
      • Provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling
      • Hair is instantly hydrated, healthy and vibrant
      • Sulfate free
    • Ingredient Benefits
      • Proprietary Color Lock Complex, including Beta Carotene and Lycopene, contains broad spectrum, plant based sun filters which help affix color to the hair fibers and shield against fading due to UV exposure and styling
      • Weightless layer of antioxidants protects against dehydration for healthy looking, radiant curls
    • Directions
      • Gently massage through wet hair
      • Never bunch or scrub hair while shampooing as this weakens hair, leading to frizz
      • Rinse thoroughly and follow with Color Sense™ Color Preserving Conditioner
    • Price
      • $20 for 8.5 fl. oz.

    Color Preserving Conditioner
    • Key Benefits
      • Protective Color Lock complex affixes color to hair fibers and provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling
      • Nourishes and replenishes hydration to help keep hair healthy looking and soft
      • Sulfate free and silicone free
    • Ingredient Benefits
      • Lycopene - provides natural UV protection in addition to fighting free radical damage and preserving healthy hair cells
      • Beta Carotene – a component of Vitamin A that improves hair health by activating cell renewal that keeps scalp healthy and enables the growth of thicker, fuller hair 
      • A blend of Apricot Oil and Honey replenish moisture and strengthen hair, both are rich in antioxidants to protect hair color from free radical and environmental damage
    • Directions
      • Apply in sections.  Comb through clean, wet hair using a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends of hair and working toward the scalp
      • Leave in hair for 3 minutes, then rinse
    • Price
      • $22 for 8.5 fl. oz.

    Shine Boosting Color Extender
    • Key Benefits
      • Instantly creates a high gloss finish that lasts for days
      • Extends life of hair color
      • Protects from UV and styling damage
      • Sulfate-free and silicone free
    • Ingredient Benefits
      • Proprietary blend of Crambe Abyssinica and Apricot Seed Oils protects and extends the life of color while creating a lightweight, high gloss finish
      • Color Lock Complex, composed of broad spectrum, plant based sun filters, seals in color and shield from damaging UV exposure
    • Directions
      • Apply to wet hair, distributing evenly from roots to ends
      • Leave on for 10 minutes
      • Rinse completely and style as usual
      • Use once per week for optimal color preservation and shine
    • Price
      • $26 for 5 fl. oz.
    Ouidad products can be purchased online at, Ouidad Flagship stores, and local Ulta beauty stores.

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