December 12, 2012

Review: Camera Strap Cover

Wow! I can hardly believe there are only 13 days left until Christmas! Crazy how quickly time flies.  This year we are keeping busy with winter sports, and it has definitely made the Christmas season seem like its blowing by. 

This past weekend was all about Christmas shopping and crafting.  Both my Mother and Mother in Law are passionate about photography so I though they might like their own camera strap cover.  The local fabric store offers a daily fat quarter bundle deal, and they match up the colors so beautifully!  I was able to get a bundle of blues and purples, as well as a bundle of a pink and brown mix.

I found a great Custom Camera Strap Cover at Moda Bakeshop that I absolutely adore, even more so because the pattern calls for a charm pack. It isn't too difficult to trim down a fat quarter to charm square size (5x5).  The tutorial is easy to follow, and this is a great beginners pattern. I think the most challenging part of the pattern is matching up the seams. Fortunately this is the underside of the Camera Strap Cover, so it isn't that visible.  The camera strap cover shown above on the left is my version of the Moda Bakeshop camera cover.

After creating the first camera strap cover, I decided to modify the pattern somewhat and add a couple layers of ruffles to the top (shown above on right).  The solids are nice, but I think one of the brighter fabrics used on the top ruffle would have really made it pop.

In my next attempt, I found a great tutorial on The Cottage Home. I highly recommend this tutorial if your sewing skills are more in the intermediate range.  Her tutorial is easy to follow and works up great!  Since I didn't have any fusible fleece on hand, I substituted with a light-weight Pellon fusible interfacing.  This is a great product to keep on hand!  I also modified the instructions and serged the long sides of the camera strap as well as the ends so that there wouldn't be any fraying inside the strap.  Just thinking that if you were to have a few different Camera Strap covers, you might want to change them out every so often, causing the fabric to fray somewhat.

If you have any questions, or have created your own camera strap cover I would love to see it! Just drop a comment below or send me an email and I will be in touch!

Happy Holiday Crafting!