April 23, 2010

Special Edition Keurig Coffee Makers & a GIVEAWAY

If your anything like me, you prepare your coffee the night prior, and set the timer so that you can wake to a fresh pot of coffee ready to drink first thing in the morning.  Although this routine works, I must admit that it can be such a pain to have to do every night.  Hubbie doesn't drink coffee, so I am on my own.  Can't pawn it off on him . . .no way out. . .until I got a KEURIG!

Oh, how KEURIG has changed my life.  I have now regained that 10 minutes of "night-before" prep of the coffee.  The Special Edition Keurig coffee machine is simple and easy to use.  No more "night before" prep!  Simply fill the water reservoir, which can hold enough water to fill 8 cups of coffee, and after about a minute's time you can put the K-cup of your choice into the machine, select your brew size, and a few seconds later you have a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

The Keurig coffee brewer includes three size options, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.  There are over 200 varieties of K-cups to choose from, including coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

The Keurig Special Edition coffee maker sells for $139.95 and can be purchased from www.keurig.com.

Keurig is giving away a Special Edition coffee maker.  The special edition includes chrome features, blue back-lit LCD display, and programmable features.

Here's how to win a Special Edition Keurig coffee maker:

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April 22, 2010

Stylish & Eco Friendly Shoes by Naya Shoes

I recently stumbled upon a fabulous brand of shoes and are excited to share them. Naya Shoes is based on the principle that " shoes should be beautiful on your feet, soft on your step and gentle on the environment".  

The term Naya means renewal, and Naya shoes uses this as inspiration in everything they create.  Naya shoes uses natural, eco-friendly materials as much as possible in their shoes.  Some of their features include:

  • Chrome-free or vegetable-tanned leathers
  • Natural, organic or sustainable fabrics
  • Heels made from sustainable bamboo
  • Nickel free metal buckles
  • Outsoles made of recycled materials
  • Natural cork and rubber footbeds

In celebration of Earth Day's 40th birthday, Naya will plant one tree within the United States for each pair of shoes purchased from Shoes.com during the month of April.

Naya is available at Shoes.com, Zappos.com, Piperlime.com and PlanetShoes.com; at select Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom.com, select Dillard’s stores and Dillards.com; and in more than 60 independent and specialty stores.

April Showers Bring May Flowers with Kidorable Rain Gear

If your in the market for new children's rain gear for, I recommend checking out Kidorable's exciting collections.  From the Lucky Cat (shown above), to Fairy's and Dinosaur's there is certain to be a style for every little super hero or fashionista!  Little one's can have fun with Kidorable whether they are inside playing dress-up, or outside seeking out puddles to splash in!

Kidorable not only carries rain gear, but they even have embroidered t-shirts, towels, back-packs, and sun hats.  Check out Kidorable online for the complete product line and style selections.

Each day during the month of April, Kidorable is giving away some exciting prizes . . .and there are a few days left to enter!  All that is required is to become a Kidorable fan on Facebook or become a follower on Twitter and mention their giveaways on Facebook or Tweet about the giveaway.

Kidorable can be purchased online at Kidorable, Amazon, Macy's, Diapers.Com and Endless.com.

April 20, 2010

Have a Blast with LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force Action Figures

For the boys out there interested in building activities and action figures, I recommend you check out the LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force. There are a total of 6 collectable Alien Force figures, each sold for $14.99 at www.lego.com. that can all be "morphed" together to create one large alien.  

The figures can be built within 15 minutes with the easy to follow directions.  The Swampfire is very flexible, and does not come apart easily when you move his arms and legs around.  The Swampfire has large feet that allow him to stand up unsupported on one foot.

The Swampfire has glow-in-the-dark eyes and chest Omnitrix.

To all the Stylish Momma's:  Here's a tip to impress your kids with!  The Omnitrix is a device that allows Ben to transform into many of the different alien's.  When Ben transforms, he also gains their super powers.  Ben transforms into an alien so that he can fight the aliens that come to the earth in hopes of taking over.

The Swampfire action figure is recommended for children ages 5 and up due to the small parts.

April 19, 2010

Getting Fit in Style with the Jeep Overland Jogging Stroller

One of my all-time favorite strollers for STYLISH MOMMA's and DADDY'S is the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller by Kolcraft (retails for $197 at Amazon).  This stroller totally rocks with the built in Music on the Move tray.  The Music on the Move tray allows you to connect your ipod to built in speakers so both Momma (or Daddy) and baby can enjoy music while getting in shape.  This stroller helps give you more of a full-body workout since it is somewhat heavier than typical umbrella strollers.

We tested the stroller while visiting Washington, D.C. during the Cherry Blossom Festival.  The stroller maneuvered really well, whether we were strolling down the side walks or walking along the National Mall.  This stroller, like most other jogging strollers has a stationary front wheel.  It did require lifting the front wheel up some in order to turn.  The large underneath storage compartment held all of the necessities . . .from the packed lunches, camera, and diaper bag.

April 8, 2010

Fab Finds for Knitters and Crocheters PLUS A GIVEAWAY

I have always had a love and passion for knitting and crochet! I was taught at a young age how to crochet and recently picked up knitting. I can't say that I prefer one style over the other . . . in my mind they are both very different!

My philosophy is that whenever making a gift for someone, you should always use the highest quality yarn that you can afford.

I wanted to pass along some fabulous finds, some of my favorite knitting accessories!
  • Needle Case by Lena Brown - Lena offers us quality and style with her needle cases.  There are thirty slots, and work great for other crafts such as painting and calligraphy.  The prints Lena uses are amazing!  My favorite is the Poms Poms shown above.  Purchase yours at http://lenabrown.com/wp/ for $29.95.
  • Angora Rabbit Hair Sock Yarn by Lena Brown - Lena created this fiber from her german angora rabbits, merino wool, and nylon.  This is a great blend of yarn for knitting socks and come in colors such as mint julep, neapolitan, and strawberries n' cream.  This yarn is also machine washable.
  • Harmony Knitting Needles by Knit Picks - These beautiful multi-colored needles are made out of birch wood, have a smooth finish and tapered points that allow yarn to flow easily.  Needles start as low as $5.99 at www.knitpicks.com.
  • Monroe Tote by Namaste -  An exceptional, high-quality tote with three compartments that is the perfect size for crafting on the go, carrying magazines, instructions and accessories.  This bag looks great even for an every day carry-all.  The tote comes in six exciting colors such as Eggplant, Peacock, and Hollywood Pink.  The Monroe tote retails for $85.00 at www.namasteinc.com and can be found at finer yarn stores nationwide.
  • Buddy Case, also by Namaste - This is a great little case for holding small craft accessories, make-up, or other odds and ends we always loose in the bottoms of our bags. The case comes in 8 colors, and retails for $17.25 at www.namasteinc.com.

Thanks to Lena of Lena Brown Designs for hosting a GIVEAWAY!

Lena is giving a needle/craft case to one of our lucky readers.  Take a look at her website at www.lenabrown.com to choose your favorite pattern.

Here's how to win a needle/craft case from Lena Brown Designs:

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Lena is also offering a 20% discount on any knitting supplies order.  Enter "onestylishmomma" in the notes to seller area in Lena's Etsy shop.

April 1, 2010

Creative Clips by Colleen!

For all the stylish ladies out there, you MUST check out the new headbands at Creative Clips by Colleen.  They are so much FUN and AFFORDABLE!  They make the perfect accessory for babes of all ages!  The headbands fit and feel great.  They aren't so tight that you get with a headache by the end of the day!

Colleen has added sequins to bows, and incorporated the OH SO POPULAR peacock feathers into these stylish headbands.

And of course because I love butterflies, here is one of my fave "stay in place" hair clips:

Even the babes of some of the most popular Celebrity Mom's, such as Denise Richards and Tori Spelling are sporting around wearing Creative Clips by Colleen!