November 27, 2013

Winter Moisturizer Best!

There are two products that I cannot live without. I swear by them, use them each and every day and am TOTALLY addicted.  These are great products that can benefit the whole family this winter season.

1. Chapstick.  Birchbox included the new ChapStick 8 hour hydration lock moisturizer in the October mailing.  I honestly wasn't a big chapstick user in the past. I always preferred Vaseline (and applied it constantly) but I must admit having a lip product that lasts up to 8 hours is a huge plus!  And at $2.99, what's not to love?? Apply this before applying your lipstick or lipgloss to add extra moisture and protection to your lips during these cold and dry months.

2. Cerave Moisturizing Cream. I was first introduced to Cerave by my dermatologist. He recommended that I use the lotion, but that was during the summer time.  Now that the weather is changing, I have switched to the cream.  I not only use the cream on my face, but on my whole body.  The unique, patented MVE Delivery technology releases moisture throughout the day. The cream is fragrance-free, non-irritating, and noncomedogenic. Unlike some creams that cause your skin to have a white veil, CeraVe goes on smooth and invisible.  CeraVe products are available online, CVS drug stores, Target, and Costco.  If you happen to shop at Costco, their prices are most reasonable and you can get a container for under $15.

November 14, 2013

Holiday Dress: Shoe Style for the Littles

With just a couple weeks till Thanksgiving, it's not too early to begin thinking about your little's holiday style!  In fact, it's the best time to start pulling those outfits together since the stores and online shops are fully stocked with lots of options to choose from and the sizes you might need. 

Don't forget to complete the holiday outfits with the right shoes.  Famous Footwear has some great styles for boys and girls this year and their prices can't be beat!  Whether you are attending holiday parties, church, or have photo shoots planned, Famous Footwear has you covered.

Here are a couple of our fave styles for girls:
Unlisted - Kids New View $24.99
Buster Brown - Kids Layla $34.99
And a few fave boys styles: 
Buster Brown - Logan Wide $29.99
 Buster Brown - Kids Bryce II $24.99
 Buster Brown - Kids Jason $19.99

 Head over to Famous Footwear's website to find more great styles for the family, locate a store, and sign up for their email and you can receive $5 off your next purchase