January 18, 2014

cpr & first aid - we meet once again.

a couple of months ago i decided i wanted my daughter to become a Girl Scout. unfortunately there wasn't any room in the current daisy troops, so in order for her to become a Girl Scout, we needed a troop leader.  of course, me being the person that i am decided no big deal, i will be the leader.  i am crafty, i enjoy children, and love taking trips and exploring new things. easy peasy.... until i heard the words "first aid and cpr".  

well, one of the rules of girl scouting is that there must always be a first aider on hand during the meetings and events.  naturally, i asked if any of the parents were certified, and to my dismay, they were not.  yes, i learned first aid and cpr in school, but that was many years ago and it certainly wasn't one of my stronger area's.  let's just say i don't know how i passed the test.   today whenever there is an injury at home i call for my husband because i just don't handle thoe types of things very well.  

since the hubs works for the fire department, he was able to get me registered for a class.  

today is the day, and today is a new day.

i am as excited as i am nervous. i will attack it head on. i will go in there, learn as much as i possibly can, and pray that i don't ever have to use the information and skills i have learrned. as they say, information is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

i can totally rock this!

January 7, 2014

Conquer 2014 in Style

Conquer 2014 in Style

Conquer 2014 in Style by stacyallen

Each year, millions of people set a goal to get fit or workout more for their New Year's resolutions.  We start out pumped and motivated, but sometimes we lose that motivation.  One of the ways we find it easier to stay focused is by setting ourselves up with all the right gear, because let's face it, who doesn't like wearing a cool new outfit to workout in?

The first, most important piece of your outfit are shoes.  Proper shoes that fit and feel great on your feet are a must for any time of an exercise plan.  The sneaker of the season is the Nike Flex Run shown above in blue with the pink swoosh.  Whether we are hitting the trails, running on the track, or walking on the treadmill these shoes are sure to provide the proper comfort and support needed.  The Nike Flex Run are available at www.FamousFootwear.com, and retail for $79.99.  This style is on sale, so if you hurry, you can get them for $74.99! If you aren't close to a Famous Footwear, you can purchase them through their website.

Don't forget the other must-haves: an iPod or MP3 player with some uplifting and inspiring beats, and a watch that allows you to track your workout time and heart rate.

January 6, 2014

Please... No Marshmallows!

Today's #My_365 challenge word is please.  Naturally, I thought I would give Little Missy some ice cream since they ALWAYS ask for more at the end. After making the suggestion, she said she would really rather have hot cocoa, but PLEASE no marshmallows!

So, after our trip to the doctor's, she got her hot cocoa!


January 4, 2014

The Path...

"Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence."
Henry David Thoreau