January 18, 2014

cpr & first aid - we meet once again.

a couple of months ago i decided i wanted my daughter to become a Girl Scout. unfortunately there wasn't any room in the current daisy troops, so in order for her to become a Girl Scout, we needed a troop leader.  of course, me being the person that i am decided no big deal, i will be the leader.  i am crafty, i enjoy children, and love taking trips and exploring new things. easy peasy.... until i heard the words "first aid and cpr".  

well, one of the rules of girl scouting is that there must always be a first aider on hand during the meetings and events.  naturally, i asked if any of the parents were certified, and to my dismay, they were not.  yes, i learned first aid and cpr in school, but that was many years ago and it certainly wasn't one of my stronger area's.  let's just say i don't know how i passed the test.   today whenever there is an injury at home i call for my husband because i just don't handle thoe types of things very well.  

since the hubs works for the fire department, he was able to get me registered for a class.  

today is the day, and today is a new day.

i am as excited as i am nervous. i will attack it head on. i will go in there, learn as much as i possibly can, and pray that i don't ever have to use the information and skills i have learrned. as they say, information is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

i can totally rock this!

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