January 28, 2010


Over a year ago I purchased a 13" Apple MacBook.  My family and I loved the MacBook so much that we decided to purchase a second MacBook, and went with the 15" MacBook Pro.

So you ask . . .why would we purchase two Apple MacBook Pro's?

1.  They are extremely easy to use.  With four children, we needed something that was easy to use and durable enough to withstand the kids.  

2.  Relatively small in size, very lightweight, and extremely durable.  

3.  They deliver great style, power, and performance.  Our older laptop starts up and runs just as fast as the newer model.

4.  They don't get PC viruses, and there's no need to buy additional security protection software.

5.  Easily connect to other devices and just work.  There is no need to install software before being able to use a new printer or download pictures from a camera.

6.  Updates are "pushed" to your computer automatically and are completed within minutes.

7.  The LED backlight display provides great image quality for movie viewing and game playing.

8.  For those that are environmentally-conscious, the MacBook's are energy efficient and recyclable.  The battery lasts for a long time.  I consider myself a power-user, and get around 7 hours before having to recharge.

9.  #1 in Customer Satisfaction - The online support is phenomenal.  Months after I purchased the second Apple MacBook I received a call from Apple Care to inform me that I didn't have the extended support.  I explained to them that I was pretty sure I had purchased it, but didn't recall ever receiving the software.  After reviewing the account, they went ahead and sent me new software, and had already activated it on my laptop.

The 13" Apple MacBook laptop starts around $1,199.  The 15" MacBook Pro starts around $1,699.  The Apple Care Protection Plan is $249 for the 13", and $349 for the 15" for coverage up to 3 years.

I also suggest the Microsoft Home Edition, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage is @ $150, and includes up to three licenses.

Apple also gives educational discounts for those who are currently in school, teachers and staff.  Check out this link to see if you qualify for a discount:  Apple Education Store

January 12, 2010

Kid tested and mother approved!

We just can't get enough of the Wheely Bug!  This super-cute little ride on toy has won many awards, including the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

The Wheely Bug comes in a lady bug, bumble bee, and cow.  Kids love the bright colors and fun designs!

The Wheely Bug is extremely durable and built to last.  Unlike many ride on toys, they can be played with inside and outside.

They can be purchased in two sizes, small and large.  The small size is recommended for ages 1 1/2 to 3, and the large is recommended for over 3 years.