June 30, 2011

Latest Obsession: Amy Butler midsummer night's dream

We just can't get enough of Amy Butler's most recent organic bedding collections from Welspun.  

The Lacework pattern includes warm grey, pear green, and soft blues.  The Morning Blossom pattern features deep blues, soft ivory, and rich lavender hues.

Both collections shown here are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide, and on their website

Take a peek at Amy Butler's website for more photos and the full scoop! 

Hurry, this bedding is available for a limited time only!

Kerastase: Restore Nourishment & Shine

The highly anticipated Warner Brothers remake of DC Comics’ Green Lantern premiered last week starring Hollywood’s leading lady, Blake Lively.  Known for her gorgeous long blonde locks, Lively’s colorist on set, Rona O’Connor transformed her from blonde to brunette to match the mysterious and seductive personality for her recent role as Carol Ferris. The secret behind the switch? To bring Blake’s hair back to life, O’Connor relied on Kerastase Paris’ Reflection line to restore nourishment and shine to her color-treated hair.  The highly advanced formulas enhance the hair’s natural beauty to revitalize dull and damaged tresses.  O’Connor recommendsKerastase Masque Chroma Riche to not only soften Blake’s hair but to also give her locks that signature shine.  To finish her look, O’Connor used Kerastase Chroma Cristal, a shine-perfecting mist to enhance the color and give Blake the extra protection her hair needs. Blake can continue to be a hair-color chameleon for her next role, which requires her to become a redhead, and will rely on K√©rastase to keep her hair healthy and beautiful! 

June 7, 2011

Summer's Hottest Hair Styles - Straight from MTV's Red Carpet

Last night at MTV’s MOVIE AWARDS, several hot trends walked down the red carpet! Get the hottest summer hairstyles with these insider tips fromInStyler Spokesperson and Celebrity Hairstylist, Dean Banowetz.  Dean’s top picks were Brooklyn Decker, Chelsea Handler, Elle Fanning and Terri Seymour.  Re-create their gorgeous styles at home by following these steps from Dean using none other than The InStyler!

My favorite is BROOKLYN DECKER
Overall Look: Voluminous Blowout
  1. First apply a volumizing mousse to add great height and body, then dry hair completely
  2. Section hair, starting at the nape of the neck place the InStyler on top of the section in order to flip it out
  3. Take the next piece, placing the InStyler in the opposite direction, underneath the section in order to flip the hair under
  4. As you get to the top, place the InStyler right at the root underneath the section.  Rotate your wrist in place to create the tension on the barrel, holding in place for 3-5 seconds to create and maintain the body
  5. Finish the look by flipping hair out or under to create versatility
Overall Look: Tousled Waves
  1. Starting at the nape, wrap a section of hair around the barrel of the InStyler, close and allow it to rotate
  2. Be sure to leave out the ends to create a sexy, beachy wave
  3. After several seconds open the InStyler and release that piece of hair 
  4. Alternate between bigger and smaller sections to add different textures
  5. Spray each section with a style or thermal spray to help hold and maintain the wave
  6. Once you reach the crown, create just a little bit of a drag at the root by starting about an inch off the root
Overall Look: Sleek and Straight 
  1. Spray each section with a style or thermal spray to help hold and maintain the style.
  2. Take small sections (depending on how curly your hair is), place the InStyler underneath the section, hold and rotate your wrist in place to create tension on the barrel
  3. Slowly pass the InStyler through your hair to get INSTANT results!
  4. Once you get to the ends, keep your wrist rotated under if you want a nice soft curl at the ends.  If you want that super sleek straight look straighten your wrist so the section will go straight and not curl.
  5. Follow the same process to complete the look
  6. Tame any fly-aways using the back or barrel side of the InStyler to help smooth them down
The InStyler retails for $119 and is available at www.getinstyler.com as well as retailers nationwide including Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, Walmart, Ulta and Kohls.