September 10, 2013

Photographing Your Town Challenge

Last night I finally sat down to to read the latest Click magazine, and found a great article about how to photograph a city.  Although the article highlighted a few key ideas, it really got me thinking.  We live in a nice small town in Northern Virginia, about an hour from either Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, MD.  Our small town would make a great starting point for capturing and photographing our town and sharing it with all of you! There are  several neighboring towns and cities that have so much to explore and share as well.

So in the future I look forward to visiting these towns and sharing with you all the things that make them special.

What is your town/city known for? What attracts people to visit? Are there tourist destinations, or locals  area's that might intrigue others?  I would like to have you share the sights, smells, tastes, and people in your region. Be sure to comment and leave a link to your posts!

If you haven't visited the Clickin' Mom's website, be sure to pop over and check out the many free resources, online classes, and store.  They are also the creators of Click Magazine, a photography magazine published every couple months.  The magazine is available for download through iTunes or you can order print copies.  The magazine has many great resources of information and inspiration.

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