September 13, 2013

Curls for a Cure - Ouidad Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Ouidad Supports Breast Cancer Awareness
365 Days a Year

Ouidad has donated over $443,781 to Breast Cancer Awareness

Ouidad, a renowned hair stylist, salon owner, global educator, curl expert, mother, and industry icon is a breast cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed at the same age as her mother, who lost the battle against the disease.  Ouidad realized that she was in a unique position to apply both personal experience and passion to a remarkable cause and took action against this aggressive killer.  While she commends other brands for debuting limited edition, pastel pink products to raise funds for this important cause, Ouidad has chosen to pursue a higher level of involvement by supporting breast cancer awareness 365 days a year.

Fortunate enough to make a full recovery, Ouidad started a crusade against breast cancer, vowing to make a difference in the lives of other women.  She founded Curls for a Cure in 2005 to raise funds year round for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Curls for a Cure is a donation program on that welcomes visitors to make a donation of their choosing toward Breast Cancer research.  Taking her commitment a step further, Ouidad matches any amount donated, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000!

With her own difficult hair loss experience, Ouidad is able to comfort troubled clients in an entirely personal way, and is truly honored to provide support both financially and emotionally.  Below are a few helpful tips from Ouidad on how to look good and feel good during this difficult time.

  • Skin will have a yellow tint from chemotherapy – use a bronzer with a pink tint to balance skin color
  • Hair tends to lose pigmentation, often growing in gray and curly; wait at least six months post chemotherapy for color to prevent damage of new growth
  • Visually prepare for hair loss by cutting hair shorter to minimize the drastic effect of losing hair
  • With new hair growth, do deep treatments every two weeks to feed and strengthen hair; frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish nutrients, allowing each strand to regain its internal weight and body

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