September 10, 2012

Make It Monday ~ Easy Peasy Pumpkin Decoration

This week I am proud to share with you a neat little pumpkin you can make in about 15 minutes.  My mother-in-law taught me how to make this, so I would like to give credit where credit is due. This project is so quick to make, you could make several to share with friends and family.  Or make a few and display them around your house.  


22 x 22 inch piece of orange fabric (or other color of choice)
8 x 11 inch piece of brown fabric for the stem
Roll of Toilet Paper
Embellishments - Buttons, Felt, Crochet/Knit leaves, etc.


1.  Cut each piece of fabric to the desired size.  I have listed my dimensions above, but you can certainly alter them however you choose.

2.  Lay out the 22x22 inch fabric piece, and center the toilet paper roll in the middle. Begin by tucking in one end of fabric into the pumpkin. Continue tucking in the ends until you have covered the toilet paper roll.

3.  Fold the fabric for the stem in half. Fold the top corner down slightly, and then continue rolling the fabric until you have a cylinder shape.  Now add this to the top of your pumpkin.

Adding embellishments would make this even more fun.  Simply decorate by adding leaves to the top, buttons, or felt for the face.  The littles had a great idea to use a stick they found in the woods for the stem.  Love them!  I was  also thinking you could make a tall pumpkin by using a larger piece of fabric and covering a paper towel roll.  The possibilities are endless!

Once the fall season is over, simply unwrap the toilet paper roll and store the fabric pieces in a bag.  I keep mine stored with all of my fall decor so that I can easily find it when it's time to reuse them.

Please be sure to come back and share your version of the Easy Peasy Pumpkin!  I just love seeing how other people create!

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