September 3, 2012

Make it Monday: Ballet Slipper Clippie

This week's Make It Monday feature is a Ballet Slipper inspired bow.  Mini-Me will be taking ballet classes in the coming weeks, and I thought it would be great if she had some special hair bows to add to her wardrobe.  


3/8” wide Grosgrain Ribbon in White and Light Pink
1/8” wide Satin Ribbon in White
Alligator Clip
Glue Gun

Cut (1) piece of ribbon 4.5” long to cover the alligator clip. 
Cut (2) pieces of Pink ribbon 3” long , (2) 2.5” long, and (2) 2” long.
Cut (4) pieces of White satin ribbon about 1" long for each piece.
Burn the ends of each piece of ribbon so that they won't fray in the future.


Cover the alligator clip with the 4.5” length of ribbon. Start in the middle of the clip, between the top and bottom pieces.  Starting here makes it a little easier to center the ribbon, allowing the clip to hold the ribbon in place.  Add hot glue to the ribbon on the top side, and fold the long piece of the ribbon over the top.  Slowly continue adding glue and pressing down the ribbon to the clip until you have covered the clip with all of the ribbon.

Here is a picture of a clip done in a different color, showing how to continue covering the clip.   There is also a picture of the bottom of the clip to give you an idea where the fabric will end.  I find that it is best to leave part of the clip exposed, so that it grips the hair better.


Now lay down the 3” ribbon. Place a couple dots of glue on one end, and layer the 2.5” ribbon on top.  Place a couple more dots on the end of this ribbon, and set the 2” length of ribbon on top.  Now add some glue on the top of the smallest ribbon, and fold up the end. Continue until all three layers are glued together at the top.

Once both slippers are completed, glue them onto the clippie.  

The next step is to make a simple bow.  It is easiest to pull from the ribbon on the spool.  Simply make two loops, and tie them together. Just like you would teach a little how to tie their shoe.  We are just skipping the first step of tying here.  Adjust the loops as needed, then cut the other end from the spool. Burn the ends to seal them.

Glue the bow on top of the ballet slippers.

Now is the tricky part.  Take two pieces of the 1/8" wide ribbon, and create a cross (X) at the bottom end of the slipper. This gives the "laces" look.

Once the laces are added, the Ballet Slipper Bow is complete.  Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  I always love to hear from you so please let me know how yours turn out, and if you have any questions!

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