September 7, 2012

Color Inspiration - Where to Look Now

If you are crafting or creating for littles, a great place to look for color inspiration would be your local shopping mall or many of the retailers online!  Whether you are creating hair bows, knitting a cardigan, or sewing a skirt, check to see what colors companies are using for the season.  The photo's shown above are from different retailers. You will notice that many of the colors coordinate with each other.

I have also shared the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 colors below.  Notice how these colors match up with the outfits shown above.  

From top right to bottom left:

1.  Gymboree - Berry Patch (
2.  Tea Collection (
3.  Hanna Andersson (
4.  Gymboree - Woodland Friends
5.  Tea Collection
6.  Gap Kids (

Everyone will just love how they can find garments and accessories that match some of the items they may have already purchased, and you will be sure to have the latest and greatest by consulting with sources first.

Another great place to find color inspiration is the Color Wheel.  The Color Wheel shows the relationship between primary colors, secondary colors, and complimentary colors.  There are a variety of ways to choose colors that create balance and harmony, or are visually appealing to the eye.  
  • Choose colors within the same color family.  For example, a light, medium, and dark shade of red.  These colors would be next to each other on a color chart or wheel.
  • Choose complimentary colors.  This would be choosing colors that are opposite of each other on the wheel.  For example, yellow and purple or red and green.

Want to get a jump start on the upcoming season and curious what the "IN" colors will be?  Hop over to Pantone, and discover the WONDERFUL world of color.  Pantone leads the way in featuring the "in colors" for the upcoming season and so much more.  Top fashion designers also share their "Must-Have" items for the season. 

Fall 2012 Color Trends

Spring 2013 Color Trends

Each year one color is chosen to be the "Color of the Year". This year's color is Tangerine Tango.  We just love, love, love this color.  It is so versatile for spring, summer, winter and fall.  Add this color to your wardrobe, or use it as an excellent choice for a pop-color in the home.

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