January 1, 2012

American Girl: A Must-Have for Every Girl

American Girl is the doll that every little girl desires. You can choose from their historical figures, bitty babies, butty twins and their matching clothing and furniture. Girls everywhere are asking for an American Girl. You can choose a doll that has long hair, or one that has short, curly hair. The quality of the dolls are amazing, and they will last so your child can take their doll with them everywhere as long as they want to.

Want to make your American Girl experience even more magical? Make sure you get the books so you can read to your child and take them on the journey that their doll has gone through. You can visit the life of the historical dolls and understand their friendship and their lives that are so different than your child's. The cost of living was different, the style of clothing was different, and the expectations were different. Your daughter will be able to gain a bit more knowledge about their American Girl dolls as they settle into the books that explains everything.

If your daughter is like mine, then she will go through 5, 6, 7, or more outfits in a day. She has a dress for eating dinner, for going to the store, for playing with her toys….for every part of her day! It is adorable but the laundry does end up piling up because how many clothing pieces she goes through. So for her American Girl doll I made sure to get her the extra clothing so she can change her dolls outfits over and over and they can enjoy their party time and dinner time together.

How does your daughter spend time with her American Girl? Does she take her everywhere or does she keep her on a pedestal in her room? Does she like brush her hair or does she keep her hair exactly as it was when it was first purchased? It is adorable to watch my daughter with her doll, and she is making her moments memorable each and everyday.

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