January 2, 2012

Aim True with Kathryn Budig Yoga for the New Year

If you are looking for a yoga dvd so you can practice at home, Aim True Yoga by Kathryn Budig is a great option.  The dvd, available at Target, and online at Gaiam includes three great workouts.

1. Beginner's Practice (25 Minutes): Great for those just starting out. The sequences are challenging yet gentle enough for beginners.  Although this is not a relaxing yoga routine, the poses are held briefly so that you don't become too fatigued.  Kathryn is easy to follow, allowing you the ability to really focus on your breathing.

2. Authentic Flow (45 Minutes): Once you are more confident and have built up strength, the Authentic Flow will add another level of challenge to your yoga workout.  This sequence allows you to improve your balance and flexibility with a longer, intermediate flow.

3. Power Up Your Core (10 Minutes):  In the next few months, I, like everyone else will be working extra hard to tone our core!  Kathryn has included this wonderful 10 minute core workout to help you get your "power house" back in shape.

Sticking to a fitness routine that works with a busy lifestyle can be difficult.  It is important to remember that living an active healthy lifestyle is crucial to feeling your best.  A commitment of 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week makes a great start.  

This year I plan to visit the local yoga studio twice a week.  It is so nice to practice with others, and share the energy that yoga creates.  The ability to hold the poses longer, and move deeper into the poses is so motivating.  Not to mention gaining the ability to focus on breathing and letting go the negative energy while practicing can make you feel so much better, both physically and mentally.

What type of exercise do you find enjoyable and motivating?  What are your goals for the new year?  I would love to hear about everyone's goals for 2012!

~ Namaste,

One Stylish Momma

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