August 16, 2013

September Photo-A-Day Challenge

Get ready to jump on board with the launch of a brand new photo-a-day community.  Stacey (Author of The Bunch and Beyondand Stacy are excited to launch our first EVER photo-a-day on Instagram.  We are still working out all the final rules and details, but wanted to get the word out to all of our followers.  

Below is the word a day for the month of September.  We look forward to motivating and inspiring many people to get out and shoot.  It doesn't matter what type of camera you have, or the amount of experience.  

We simply ask that you be creative, and be considerate to others when sharing your pictures.  We do not want any nudity, profanity, or anything that might be offensive to others.

Simply add your picture to Instagram, and include #iswirlphotoaday.

I will be posting the monthly list to the website a few days before each month, but there is also a new page added above for quick reference.

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