March 26, 2015

Emma turns 7

My little mini-me, the baby of the family, turned 7 this week.  REALLY, where has time gone?  

This year Emma chose to have her party at the roller rink.  With such busy sports schedules, this worked out perfect since I didn't have to worry about party preparations or house cleaning.  The roller rink took care of all the paper products, drinks and pizza.  All we had to worry about were the goody bags and the birthday cake.  

Most of our birthday parties are held at home, and the kids play in the yard or ride bikes behind the house.  Since the spring weather has been so chilly I am glad we chose to have an indoor party somewhere else.  

Although Emma has been ice skating a few times, roller skating proved to be a challenge for her.  She switched out to roller blades and quickly figured it out.  

Aren't the walkers the cutest?  LOL They certainly didn't have these when I was growing up.  The girls skated for a couple hours and requested all their favorite songs to be played.  They were able to hang out at the tables and have pizza.

 Emma had such a wonderful time with all of her close friends!

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