March 23, 2014

Currently Crushing: Strawberry Delight Cake

While reading the latest Woman's Day Magazine, I came across a yummy recipe for a cake topped with blueberries and a frosting made of sour cream and cream cheese.  Although I totally love sour cream and cream cheese, not everyone in our house is a fan.

It also happened to be a special little someone's 6th birthday, and she had requested a strawberry cake.  I decided to change up the recipe, first opting for a box cake to save on time.  I baked the cake in 8" round cake pans.  After cooling, the cake was set in the refrigerator overnight.  This allowed for us to easily cut each cake through the middle, creating the layers.

Just before the party, the cake was layered with cool whip and strawberries.  This is a fun and festive spring cake that everyone is sure to enjoy.  Other thoughts would be to poke the cake and pour jello over it before refrigerating.  Although I chose to skip frosting the sides, cool whip and strawberries could have also been added.

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