December 13, 2013

Meet Namaste! The Perfect "Go-To" Handbags and Accessories

Meet Namaste.

  • We believe in being more friendly to your wallet
  • We believe that style and function can be best friends
  • We believe that everyone deserves coordinated organization
  • We believe that Zen can exist in your handbag
  • We believe that life's too short to sweat the small stuff
  • We believe in being kind to the earth and it's creatures
  • We believe in gratitude
  • We believe in karma
  • We believe in fun
- namaste

A couple years ago I shared with you one of my most favorite handbags, Namaste.  Today I am happy to share them with you again!  Namaste bags are well known in the fiber community because they are great travel bags for your knitting and crochet projects.  Of course that is what I use my Namaste bag for. . . since I don't ever leave home without a project to work on.  Namaste bags are also fabulous for almost anything you might need to haul around.  These bags are very stylish, and would make a perfect fit for the Momma-On-The-Go!

Namaste bags come in six different styles, and all come in a variety of colors such as Canary Yellow, Caribbean Blue, Eggplant, and Red (shown above).  The styles include a messenger bag, back pack, and a variety of totes and are made of durable and animal friendly materials.  Bags are priced from $79 - $97.50.

Our fave style this season is the Harlow, shown here.  The interior lining is a soft micro-suede.

There are lots of storage pockets on the inside and out which are great for helping keep track of your needles, scissors, and anything else you might need to take.

The collection also includes a variety of different wallets, needle and accessory cases to coordinate with the handbags.  

Namaste bags and accessories are available online and at participating retailers. Click here to find a location near you:

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  1. I love always Stylish handbags and I think Namaste bags have all stylish features.