October 8, 2012

National Fire Prevention Week - October 7-13th

This week is National Fire Prevention Week.  Every year many firefighters visit the local preschools and elementary schools to teach children the importance of fire safety.  They bring goodies to share with the children such as fire helmets, stickers, and coloring books.

 This year little Emma had a special visitor.  We were able to arrange for her Daddy to come and visit the class.  She was so excited to tell all her friends that her Daddy is a firefighter.

Were also able to arrange for a female firefighter to visit the class.  It was great to be able to share with the children that firefighters are both men and women.

One of the lessons they taught the children is that firefighters are people, and that they shouldn't ever be afraid if they were in a fire and someone approached them with all the gear on in the picture below.  As they put on each piece of equipment, they explained the importance of it.  Not only does the gear protect their skin from potential burns, but it also helps them to be able to breathe fresh air while they are in a burning building.

Although we captured some wonderful pictures of all the children in the preschool class, I decided it was best not to share those pictures due to the potential privacy concerns some may have.

If your child is not in preschool, or if you would like to review the information further with them be sure to check out the NFPA website, which can be found here:


There are many resources and additional activities for the kids.

Be sure to check in with your local fire house to see if and when they will be hosting their open house.  Many stations have open houses with loads of information, games, moon bounces, and food.  I am sure everyone would have a wonderful time!

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