February 26, 2012

Kiss My Face Peace Soap ~ 101 Purposes, Really!

If someone told you there existed a soap that could be used for 101 different uses, what would you think?  I am sure you would be just as doubtful as I.  There are so many different multi-purpose cleansers on the market today, but they only clean a handful of things well.

There are your typical multi-purpose cleaners such as Lysol, and then there are the multi-purpose disposable towels.  These work well when you need to wipe down the kitchen or clean the bathroom.  And the disposable towels work great when you have to clean the dreaded toilets. . . .And who really wants to have several cleaners to clean one area of a home? Wouldn't it be great to have one product that "does it all"?

After thinking about it, I decided to give the Kiss My Face Peace Soap a try.  The Lavender Mandarin soap has a lovely smell, a subtle scent that isn't too powerful or over-bearing.

The first test was during bath time.  We used Peace Soap as a cleanser, and it didn't leave any of our skin feeling dried out or soapy.  I also used it as my shaving cream (since I don't ever allow myself the extra time to use a shaving cream) and it worked out just as well as the other products I use to shave with.  Peace Soap can also be used as a daily hand wash, foot soak, and basic shampoo.

Since that worked out well, we tested the soap in the kitchen.  Dishes were washed, stove top wiped down, and kitchen counters wiped off.  Worked like a charm!

Kiss My Face Peace Soaps are great for so many other uses such as desk drawers, floors, telephones, shower curtains, clothing, and even the outdoor play furniture.

Kiss My Face Peace Soaps come in a variety of scents, from Grassy Mint, Lemongrass Clary Sage, and Pomegranate Acai.  Peace Soaps are 100% natural castile soaps.  They are vegan friendly, gluten free, biodegradable, and contain no artificial fragrances.  The prices are affordable too.  A small 3.4oz is only $2.99, and a 17 fl oz is  available for $9.99.

Be sure to head over to Kiss My Face and check out the wide variety of products they have to offer.  The products can also be found on Amazon, and at your local Whole Foods Stores.

I would love to hear what others are using, and how they like it.

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