July 14, 2011

Jack Black: Vacation Travel Sets

Description: Ready, SET, Go! Vacation season is in full swing and we’ve got your favorite products to keep you looking good on-the-go. Arrive in style with these space-saving, TSA-approved travel sets, sure to simplify any trip.
Description: First Class Five: The ultimate travel companion, including five best-selling products, guaranteed to keep you well groomed on-the-fly. $49 (a $69 value)
Description: Jet Set Traveler: Grab and go with this portable trio, including three daily skin care and shaving products. $25 (a $41 value)
Description: Mighty Mini Travel Pack: Carry on with our six deluxe travel sizes - perfect for the minimalist jet-setter. $10 (a $15 value)
Description: Performance Ready Set: Perfect for a beach or mountain getaway, this set contains all you need to protect your skin and help the body recoup after a long voyage. $32 (a $39 value)
Description: Special Gift: Receive a FREE Cool Moisture Body Lotion 3 oz ($12 value) with any order of $50 or more through Monday, 7/18. Enter code TRAVELJULY in the promo box at checkout.

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