August 22, 2010

Potty Tots Makes Potty Training Fun!

Anyone who has had to go through potty training before knows how difficult of a task it can be for some children!  If you have a little one that will soon need to be potty trained,  Potty Tots has just the right tools to make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

Potty Tots offers a training kit, which comes in a boys and a girls version.  Each kit includes a story book, DVD, training chart, and a "Toilet Bowl" game to help encourage your little's to use the potty.  The kits are available online from, and retails for $19.95.

The training chart is laminated so that it can be easily wiped off if written on, and strong enough to withstand kids playing with it.  Additional potty training charts are also available for $4.95 each, and offer a variety of children's names to choose from.

In addition to the kit, Potty Tots offers additional encouragement for you and your little on their website.  There is a video with a "potty song" to help motivate your child, printable coloring pages, and online games they can play.  The parents page & tips features Potty Humor, Stories from Parents, and a link so that you can sign up to receive their newsletter.

POTTY TOTS MISSION - "The mission of Potty Tots is to provide creative, fun and safe products and programs that are child centered and designed to build self-esteem, confidence and independence. The Potty Tots goal is to provide our customers, suppliers and employees an experience and environment that is always focused on what is best for children through our products and our actions in our business and in the world community."

GIVING BACK - Potty Tots helps rescue orphans from places like Darfur, Pakistan, and Cambodia.  They spend some of their time contributing to Warm Blankets Orphan Care International.  Visit WarmBlankets.Org to learn more, get involved, or to make a donation.

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