July 19, 2010

Duoseat by Mutsy - Signature STYLE and FUNCTIONALITY now available for two!

Mutsy, recognized for its modernistic stroller designs featuring a distinctive modular, flexible system, introduces the Mutsy Duoseat, a front and rear seating unit that can be used with their popular Mutsy 4Rider stroller chassis! 
Mutsy’s solution for parents with two young children (mom can now use her 4Rider chassis even after the arrival of a new member in the family!), the Duoseat is a special insert with two seats that can be combined with the 4Rider stroller chassis.  The Duoseat’s compact styling offers the benefit of being able to transport two children without the hindrance of a double width stroller.  The seat allows for easy turning in tight places and full access even through the narrowest of doors.

The front seat is suitable for children 6 months and older.  The rear seat, suitable from birth, can be placed in 4 positions, including a reclined position for baby.  Each seat unit has its own hood and the Duoseat offers great stability, safety and comfort for its little passengers.  Available in Navy, the Mutsy Duoseat retails around $199 (chassis sold separately).  The Duoseat/Chassis combination retails about $599.  Optional footmuffs are available for purchase for each seat.  The footmuffs provide for warmth in cold weather and the rear seat muff also offers additional support and cushioning for baby. Baby can be placed in the muff during winter/colder weather months and on top of the muff during summer/warmer weather months.  The optional footmuffs have a recommended retail of $49.

About Mutsy

Mutsy, based out of the Netherlands, was founded in 1935.  Over the years, the Mutsy line has transformed with an aesthetically beautiful and technologically advanced stroller frame as the basis of its current product offerings.  Designed to meet the needs of today’s modern and mobile parent, the Mutsy collection’s unique modular system offers flexibility for all lifestyles. The company’s distinctive from birth to early childhood products include strollers, high chairs, booster seats, a baby rocker, and an array of baby essentials and accessories.  Mutsy USA offices are located in Chester, New Jersey.  

For more information on Mutsy products visit www.mutsy.com.


  1. Really wish I had one of these when my kids were still in a stroller. Would have made shopping soooo much easier!

  2. This is an stroller! any chance of an upcoming giveaway? *hint-hint ;)